Once I Got Bitcoins, What Can I Do?

Once I got bitcoins, what can I do - portalwithnews.com

Have you bought bitcoins? Do you want to spend bitcoins and don’t know how to do it? If you get bitcoins you have many options to use them and spend them! You can buy many of products or enjoy many services. Don’t you believe it? Keep reading!

Where to buy with bitcoins

Once you have bought bitcoin online for example in a trusted place to buy bitcoin like BuyCoinNow, then you have to save them in a wallet. Once you control your bitcoins, you just have to decide what to do with them. Managing the cryptocurrency is becoming easier every time and there are more and more businesses that accept payments with bitcoins. Transactions are safe so many businessmen trust it.

Once you’ve got bitcoins, you can buy products online or in a physical shop with bitcoins. For example, you want to visit Warsaw, the capital of Poland and you want to spend bitcoins but you don’t know where you can pay with btc? There are maps like coinmap showing companies around the world where you can pay with bitcoins. For example in Warsaw city there are more than forty. Therefore, you have no excuse! Have you bought bitcoin by credit card? Well, now you have to spend them!

Food, drinks, electronic devices and much more!

You have to know that you have many options. Once you have bought bitcoin online, you can buy with btc, a coffee, a snack or a pizza from companies such as „Starbucks”, „Subways” or „PizzaForCoins” or, for example,  you can buy furniture and accessories for your home in the international company „Overstock”. You can also get electronic devices and even tickets to go to the theater. And if you have a higher budget, you can buy high-end cars, homes and even a trip with bitcoins. If you want more ideas you can enter in one of the best places to buy bitcoin, BuyCoinNow and read their proposals on their blog.

Do you already have the shopping list done?

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