World Without Cash


The future will come sooner than we think. What will the world look like in the next five, ten, twenty years? Will money, at least as we know it, even still exist? Or maybe cryptocurrency will dominate the…

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Industry events and news from cryptocurrency world

blockchain24, cryptocurrency, blockchain

The knowledge of a virtual currency should not be limited to checking the current Bitcoin exchange rate. To become an expert in the cryptocurrency field, it’s not enough to know what is Bitcoin or what is mining all…

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Payment gateway for cryptocurrencies


Since cryptocurrencies have become more popular all around the world, a lot of companies were looking for a solution to enable its clients cryptocurrency payments. Finally, a perfect tool appeared on the IT market. PayCoiner, because that’s what…

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Everything about cryptocurrencies in one place

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Effectiveness of cryptocurrency investing depends on many factors. Sometimes it’s just luck, and sometimes it’s a wide knowledge. Everyone who earned on trading cryptocurrency agrees on one thing – they all stayed up-to-date with all the news and…

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FuturoCoin Rocks On 7 Exchanges!

futurocoin - success has no limit

FuturoCoin achieves a great success. Right now, this young cryptocurrency is already listed on 7 popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms and it’s doing more than well. About FuturoCoin (FTO) FuturoCoin (FTO) is a cryptocurrency which provides instant transactions with…

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IT specialists


More From IT is a company specializing in mobile applications and modern custom software. The company has its head office in Wroclaw, but in its orders it is not limited to Lower Silesia.   What do they offer?…

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How are mobile applications created?

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Mobile applications – under this name there is software for popular mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. We use them all – thanks to special applications, we contact our relatives, check the weather in the world and make bank…

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Offer a cryptocurrency to the world!


Money based on blockchain technology is no longer something that needs to be introduced to anyone. There are few ways to “earn” cryptos – you can buy them, or you can mine them – by using your own…

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Innovative wallet to store your cryptocurrencies!

verfied solutions - blockchain technology

As you probably know I am interested in the subject of cryptocurrencies from the very beginning   Practically since the cryptocurrencies were not so popular and available as they are now. When I decided to buy cryptocurrencies for…

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Which cryptocurrency exchange market should we invest on?

cryptocurrency exchange market

Online cryptocurrency exchange markets are more and more popular. They are websites on which users place offers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies – Bitcoins, Litecoins or Ethereum. The cryptocurrencies purchased on the stock exchange market hit our account and…

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