The First Ever Cryptocurrency To Partner With F1 racing team!


Exciting news broke for all cryptocurrency and racing fanatics out there. Joining the love for sports and new technologies, FuturoCoin has partnered with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing!

Fast and innovative

FuturoCoin, although only one year old, has always been known for being innovative and setting a new path in the cryptocurrency world. Opening a restaurant and a coffee place, launching an ATM, entering new exchanges all around the world – there are the things FuturoCoin has already done. Through many original ideas, it managed to become one-of-its-kind digital currency that is known in many countries across the globe.

But this time, FuturoCoin has prepared something very special. Sit tight and prepare yourself for a journey… and a very fast one at that.

Making history

On 5th of February, FuturoCoin announced on its Facebook page that it partnered with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing for an exciting long-term collaboration. FuturoCoin branding feature will appear on the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing RB15, team transporters and the drivers’ clothing.

It is the very first partnership like this in history. No cryptocurrency has ever been working with a Formula One racing team before, so this is definitely something fresh and interesting in the industry.

Development race

“In recent years, the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has been truly remarkable, and we’re delighted to be the first Formula One team to embrace this, through our partnership with FuturoCoin,” says Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team Principal, Christian Horner. “Secure digital currencies are on the leading edge of technological development and we are very excited to be a part of this revolution.”

Chasing the dream

The partnership is especially important for FuturoCoin’s co-founder, Roman Ziemian, who is known for his love of sports.

“Cryptocurrencies and Formula One are very similar and their values are much alike; speed, technology and being ahead of their time. I’m a huge fan of motorsport and F1 has always intrigued me. The sponsorship is an exciting new chapter for our company and will be one of our tools to drive awareness of FuturoCoin” commented Roman Ziemian.

This is not only an amazing opportunity for FuturoCoin’s growth but also a very special experience for the FTO creators.

Paulina Woźniak, CEO of FuturoCoin’s management company, said:

“We are very proud that FuturoCoin will be the first cryptocurrency in the world to appear on a Formula One car. In addition, we are looking forward to working alongside Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, a prestigious brand that is recognised across the world.”

The formula of the future

FuturoCoin is paving the way for the whole cryptocurrency industry worldwide. Creating such important and at the same time fun collaborations is something that FuturoCoin’s team does best. Now, everyone certainly cannot wait to see the FTO branding during F1 races in the future.

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